Napping and Jet Lag in Elite Athletes

August 7, 2017

In this episode I speak with Georgia Romyn. This podcast was recorded at the Working Time Society (WTS) conference at the stunning Uluru in central Australia.

Georgia is a sport scientist currently based in Canberra as a PhD Scholar at the Australian Institute of Sport and Central Queensland University. Her research focuses on the impact of sleep and daytime napping on athletic performance, as well as strategies to optimise athlete performance when travelling. Coming from a background as a netball athlete, Georgia has a passion for high performance sport. Since finishing a first-class honours degree in Sport Science, Exercise and Health from the University of Western Australia in 2013, Georgia has worked with elite, professional and Olympic athletes from a range of sports. When she is not researching, thinking about, or actually getting some sleep, she can be found coaching, hiking, camping or planning a new travel adventure.

You can find Georgia at the follow social media:


Twitter: @GeorgiaRomyn


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Episode #003 Engineer to Novelist with Mark J Kennan

July 1, 2017

In this episode, I speak to Mark J Keenan about his journey from Engineer to Novelist. Mark discusses the changes in his life from mental health to physical health, including his challenge with alcohol, the loss of 20 kg of bodyweight, the elimination of snoring, the improvement of sleep and his longest run but to name a few.

Mark Keenan is a husband, father, runner, writer, engineer. He is a co-founder and Non-Executive Director of Momentum Engineering, a company established in 2005 which provides engineering and design services. In recent years, Mark has moved his focus from engineering and management to creative writing, and he is currently working on his first full length fiction manuscript.


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Facebook: @markjkeenanwriter

Instagram: @marks_footnotes

Twitter: @mjkeenanwriter

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Episode #002 Power Speed Endurance and the Cell Coach Jason Donaldson

June 14, 2017

In this episode I speak with Jason Donaldson. We discuss Jason's time in the West Australian Police Force and how he managed to stay fit, healthy and strong whilst working shiftwork. These days, Jason works with Power Speed Endurance and with a range of athletes as the online Cell Coach. Hope you enjoy the episode

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Episode #002 Show notes 

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Sleep4Performance Radio (S4PR) Episode 001 Introduction to S4PR

June 9, 2017

In this episode we introduce myself (the host) Ian Dunican and the podcast Sleep4Performance.

Host Bio

Ian Dunican (MineEng, MBA,GCASSc,BA) has twenty years international professional experience in Project Management, Health and Safety and Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) in military, mining, oil and gas. He is the Director of Sleep4Performance, an expert consultancy for FRMS and operations, and a researcher at the University of Western Australia (UWA), where he works with elite sporting organisations for optimisation of performance and recovery. He is currently the adviser to the Western Force and has worked with combat sports at the Australian Institute of Sport and the Perth Wildcats. Ian has led and guided the improvement of FRMS in a range of diverse mining locations including Mozambique, Canada, USA, Australia and Mongolia, in his role as the Global Principal Adviser for Rio Tinto for Fatigue/Human Performance. His consultancy organisation, Sleep4Performance, is focused on supporting predominantly WA mining companies in the effective and safe management of shifts and rosters. Clients include South 32, Karara Mining, Peabody and BroadSpectrum. He is the founding Chair and previously, from 2012-2015 the Co-Chair Special Interest Group (SIG) Occupational, Health, Safety & Performance, of the Australasian Sleep Association (ASA). He is a regular invited reviewer for peer reviewed scientific journals, and a regular keynote, invited speaker and chair at universities and international conferences in mining, oil and gas. Conferences include the International Council of Minerals and Metals (ICMM), Australian Journal of Mining and the Sleep Down Under, Australasian Sleep Association. He has made numerous media appearances on radio, television, podcasts, papers and magazines such as Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Channel 9 and 7, Financial Review in relation to shiftwork, fatigue and optimisation of recovery for elite athlete

Goals of this Podcast are to 

  • Educate our listeners about sleep science and the benefits to recovery and performance.
  • Expand my own knowledge and this who listen (point 1)
  • Entertain our listeners to the cool and fun aspects of sleep science and how different people and organisations optimise sleep.

Upcoming guest

  • Elite level athletes including Rugby, Basketball, MMA, Judo
  • Coaches and managers
  • Physiologist, scientist, strength coaches, nutritionist etc.
  • Researchers, laboratory and applied.
  • Leaders of industry from mining, oil, gas, rail and transportation.
  • Medical aspects of sleep with sleep disorder physicians and specialists.


I am really excited about doing the podcast and meeting all these great people. As I confirm guests, I will let you know so you can keep an eye out for the release of these. You can also sign up to the newsletter from sleep4performance released every month, 2 week spacing. Regular posts on twitter and every 2-3 days on Facebook. I hope you enjoy the upcoming shows.

Ian Dunican 



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