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S4P Radio, Season 3, Episode 4: Exercise and its effects on sleep and mental illness with Oscar Lederman

April 16, 2019

Season 3, Episode 4 welcomes Oscar Lederman. What was initially meant to be one of our monthly Audio Abstracts, the information presented to us by Oscar was too good to pass up! Having recently completed his PhD at the University of NSW, Oscars thesis gives a great insight on how we can improve the physical and mental health of young people in the early stages of psychosis, namely through exercise and lifestyle interventions.

As an Exercise Physiologist at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney, Oscar gives a unique approach on how we can use exercise as a means to treat chronic health conditions, with his research focusing heavily on physical activity for mental illness. Along with his current commitments to work and research, Oscar also has previous experience in Physiotherapy and spent over four years as a Senior Surf Instructor with Let’s Go Surfing in Bondi Beach, Australia.

You can follow Oscar on Twitter @OscarLederman or check out some of his research at Hope you enjoy the episode!

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