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Season1 #Episode 6: Pitchford-Let Sleeping Western Bulldogs Lie!

September 13, 2017

Episode #007 Nathan Pitchford- Let Sleeping Western Bulldogs Lie!

In this episode #006, I sit down on the grass under a tree in Essen, Germany with Nathan…soon to be Dr Pitchford. Nathan is a Tassie-born lad (Tasmania is an island off Australia…but is still part of Australia…I call it the Hawaii of Australia) with a background playing soccer, cricket and football. Nathan is currently completing his PhD with Victoria University and the Western Bulldogs football club, where he is also the Head Strength Coach for the Footscray Bulldogs VFL team. Prior to this, Nathan undertook his Bachelor and Honours degrees in Exercise Science at the University of Tasmania before moving on to complete a Masters of high Performance Sport from the Australian Catholic University. Nathan’s current PhD position combines applied research investigating the relationships between sleep, training and recovery in team-sport athletes, whilst also providing day-today sport science and strength and conditioning services to athletes playing at both the AFL and VFL levels. Nathan has 5+ years’ experience working as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sport Scientist with elite youth and senior athletes. Nathan is currently involved in multiple sleep and performance related research projects including the influence of sleep extension on recovery following exercise, the influence of heat training on sleep characteristics, the influence of light exposure on travel adjustment in athletes and the habitual sleep of team-sport athletes.

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